Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What types of Mobile Apps do you develop?

We develop WebApps only. So what is a WebApp? A webapp is an exact replica of your website and that's why we require that you have a website URL.  If your website is an ecommerce website your app will also be an ecommerce app. If your website is a dynamic content website like a blog, your mobile app will also have all the dynamic contents also.

Check out the following examples of Websites and Mobile apps and you will know better.

a. Visit Website
Now download its mobile app from google play store from this below link

b. Visit Website
Now download its mobile app from google play store from this below link

c. Visit Website
Now download its mobile app from google play store from this below link

Hope you now have an idea of what a webapp is and what exactly we develop.

2. How many pages will my mobile app have?

This depends upon how many pages your website has. If your website has 5 pages then your mobile app will also have 5 pages, if it has 50 pages then your mobile app will also have 50 pages as the app dynamically fetches all data from your website.

3. I don't have a website, can you develop mobile app?

We develop content based apps as these apps allow data to be dynamically updated and synchronised from your website. As we require a URL to build your app, we cannot develop your mobile app if you don't have a website. You can give us your Blog, Facebook fanpage URL, Twitter ID, Flickr ID and we can develop native mobile app from it also.

4. You develop apps on which platform?

Currently we develop Android & iOS apps only. In future we will also be developing Windows apps also.

5. How will I be able to send push notifications?

All mobile apps customers will receive control panel login details from which they will be able to send unlimited push notifications to all their app users anytime.

6. I am from another country, can I order your app services and pay via US Dollars?

Yes, we provide our services globally and accept Paypal payments in US Dollars. Just select the payment option as "Paypal (For International Clients)".

7. Why do you develop *Demo* mobile apps?

Many individuals, businesses would want to promote their websites, blog, Facebook fanpage to increase their user engagements and ultimately bring more traffic and increase their sales. A fully working demo mobile app would allow them to test their user engagement and how their app really works.

Many of them upgrade their *demo* Mobile Apps with the premium version to remove ads. Other than displaying ads, branded logo, and sending push notifications in your BRAND, there is no difference between a *demo app* and a *premium app*. Note: Your app will be submitted on Google Play only with the premium app plan.

8. Is there any hidden fees for the free or premium apps?

There is no hidden fees other than the price mention on the plan. Free and Premium Apps fees are all inclusive. So there are no other fees for sending push notifications, or any other delivery or taxes.

9. Will you update the App for me?

Yes. For the premium Mobile App, we will provide support for 1 year. You can change the website URL, Update Contact Details, Change Facebook fanpage URL etc for free for 1 year. Also you will be able to send unlimited push notifications to all your users for upto 1 year.

10. Will I be able to send push notification alerts to my app users?

Yes, you can send unlimited push notifications. In *demo* plan or *premium* plan you can send unlimited push notifications.

Sending Push Notification alerts will triple your engagement to your users which will instantly bring clicks to your special offers, discounts, news updates, new product launches directly to on your user's smartphone 24x7 and is instantly read.

11. I have more than 1 website, will you create mobile apps for it also?

Yes, we can develop mobile apps for more than 1 website also. Just order the Mobile App plan with your website details and we shall create the demo or premium mobile app for you.

12. I cannot order your Mobile App. Your product plan shows "0" in stock.

When we receive multiple orders to develop Apps too quickly, the stock may deplete to zero. Once we complete developing the pending orders of the apps, we will add the stock back to the products and you will be able to order it once again. This is ensure we provide you the app within our delivery period of 3-7 days!

13. I have other queries, how do I contact you?

Please contact us on our email and we shall be most glad to assist you with your query within the next 24 working hours.

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